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Beth Oloth’s annual budget is $1.8 million. 

Our Director of Development, Rabbi Yehoshua Zuckerman of Jerusalem, and our Executive Director, Mr. Mordechai Weinstock of New York, selflessly fundraise over half of those costs. They visit shuls and cities across the States and across the ocean, even down under, to close the yearly deficit. 

Would you like to host a fundraiser in your home or shul? 

Please reach out. Your hospitality will go a long way in assuring Jewish girls a solid future.

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Lital desperately wanted to get away from home — and her absent mother was fine with her request.

When she was 13, Lital came to Beth Oloth.

They had every reason to say no.

Besides the underlying trauma, Lital had been exposed to so much, she could be a negative influence to her dorm mates. But Beth Oloth doesn’t turn any Jew away.

Beth Oloth went above and beyond, investing in a social worker and therapist to heal a disillusioned Lital from her past.

After many wonderful years living in Beth Oloth, Lital is now a morah, happily married to a maggid shiur, and building a beautiful Torah home.

It’s a 180-degree turn, one anyone who remembers younger Lital cannot believe.

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