Every Jewish girl deserves a


where someone believes in her​  has dreams for her loves her unconditionally

where someone has dreams for her

Welcome to Beth Oloth, a warm, loving home for girls who are orphans or come from disadvantaged backgrounds, no matter their affiliation, their circumstances or their story.
We provide everything a young girl needs to grow into an emotionally healthy and mature adult — from healthcare to education to marriage.

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Every girl needs a family

There is so much suffering behind closed doors. Poverty, mental health, physical and emotional abuse. There are children cowering under covers to block out marital meltdowns, others experiencing abuse at the hands of their own family members, and those who take refuge in the stairwells of their apartment building — their safest immediate option. 

These are everyday happenings, especially in low-income areas. Sadly, victims of such circumstances need extensive healing before they can integrate with other girls. But few institutions would accept them that way, denying them the first chance. After all, they’ve been too exposed, too battered, too traumatized.

beth oloth girls hugging
beth oloth girls
beth oloth girls
happy beth oloth girls

Beth Oloth is different. Beth Oloth embraces everyone who arrives on our doorstep. 

We see hope and promise in the eyes of every Jewish child sent our way, no matter how challenging the case. And we work on them gently, lovingly, relentlessly, to nurse them back to wellbeing, so they can heal from their past and embark on a brighter future. 

Rabbi Sendy Ornstein, New York B eth Oloth Sponsor
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They’re giving them life

I’ll never forget my first visit to Beth Oloth’s dormitory. There were two pristine white wedding gowns hanging on a rack. Two girls were literally going from the dormitory to their chuppa. This is their real home. Beth Oloth doesn’t just give them a better life. They’re giving them life. 

Rabbi Sendy Ornstein, New York
Beth Oloth Sponsor
President Relief & Renewal

A cocoon of around-the-clock care

Beth Oloth is more than just a home. By providing every physical, emotional and material need,

we are the answer to the girls’ worries, woes and wishes.

beth oloth food and clothing

Food & clothing

beth oloth medical needs

Medical & Psychological care

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beth oloth education


beth oloth Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities

beth oloth Vocational training

Vocational training

beth oloth shidduchim


beth oloth weddings


children currently in the dormitory
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Average annual cost to raise one child
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Beth Oloth's annual budget
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The costs are exorbitant.
The ROI is incalculable.

Shimmy Handelsman, Connecticut Beth Oloth Sponsor
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It didn’t feel at all like an institution

When we visited, we were amazed how simcha’dig the home was. It didn’t feel at all like an institution. The girls seemed so happy and settled. You could have thought they were sisters, the way they were giggling together easily. It was obvious that they were really well taken care of, with the best chance of a good, healthy upbringing.

Shimmy Handelsman, Connecticut
Beth Oloth Sponsor

…And they lived happily ever after


of children have started their own families and built solid, Torah homes 


of children have been helped to establish a healthy relationship with their birth families

Some of our success stories

There was a girl called Lital…

Lital grew up in low-income Yafo with her single mother. Her mother led an immoral life, hiding nothing from her daughter in their small apartment. Lital’s innocent eyes saw stuff that most adults are not exposed to in their lifetime. 

There was a girl called Sara…

Sara grew up in a two-parent home, but in the same home she had a tyrant of an older brother. He abused her freely, to the oblivion of their parents, threatening to shame her publicly if she spoke out.

There was a girl called Neta…

Neta grew up with two mentally unstable parents. Her siblings turned to substance abuse for an escape of their dysfunction, leaving Neta with nothing but the cold walls of her home to lean on for moral support.

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With siyata dishmaya, there are many more success stories waiting to happen. Your support will make them happen.

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So calm and loving to the girls.

I was amazed by the dorm mother. She has her own children, yet she was so calm and loving to the girls, as though they were her daughters. It’s clearly more than a job, it’s her calling. These girls came from homes where they were only given negative strokes, but Beth Oloth gives them the positive strokes they need, instilling in them that they’re valuable, that they have self worth, that they each have something to offer.

Capt. Vicki-Bluma Olesky, Colorado
Beth Oloth Sponsor
Drug Demand Reduction Officer & Logistics Officer
U.S Air Force Auxiliary

Reaching hearts and homes nationwide

Our girls come from cities from the North to the South, with no discrimination against any neighborhood or socioeconomic factors. 

Your donation will make a genuine impact on a national scale.

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By supporting Beth Oloth’s operation, you’re saving Jewish girls across Eretz Yisroel from becoming a danger to themselves, to their spirituality, to their future.

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Help Beth Oloth today Build the mothers of tomorrow

Lital desperately wanted to get away from home — and her absent mother was fine with her request.

When she was 13, Lital came to Beth Oloth.

They had every reason to say no.

Besides the underlying trauma, Lital had been exposed to so much, she could be a negative influence to her dorm mates. But Beth Oloth doesn’t turn any Jew away.

Beth Oloth went above and beyond, investing in a social worker and therapist to heal a disillusioned Lital from her past.

After many wonderful years living in Beth Oloth, Lital is now a morah, happily married to a maggid shiur, and building a beautiful Torah home.

It’s a 180-degree turn, one anyone who remembers younger Lital cannot believe.

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